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Get Organized!

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

To do app MiPlaniT is an iOS app that works on your phone and iPad but sync calendars at work, school or personal. You have your very own personalized to do lists for your new business, kids homework, etc. Add notifications as well but nothing is better then having complete control of everything when you can simply tap at least once into a reminder so that everyone knows something has been completed or shopping has been done!! (And my husband thinks he does this more often than I care).


There’s so much to do in this app and it just works! Two way sync between calendars is impressive and immediate.

I add bill reminders in here and receipts and now just run a quick tax report at tax time. What more do I need? ❤️

A super easy-to use tool everyday must be seen by all who visit the site 🙂 The best to do list, planning tool you will need download here


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