Things To Consider When Choosing An Innovative Time Management App

Improving productivity at work promotes efficiency and motivation while boosting business growth. This is a reality closely linked to Employer Branding, given that employed people who feel satisfied and motivated will give their most productive version.
One of the significant challenges facing human resources management (HRM) is to achieve the desired productivity level at work. Therefore, optimizing production processes and improving your company's decision-making is important.

Productivity at work is possible by using an effective time management tool by which the time management can be made easy. This tool can be a mobile application that can play a pivotal role if you want to stay productive in the modern workplace. There’s always another article to read, a social page to scroll through, and a text message to send. However, the right software or mobile application can help you stay on track despite all the distractions around you.

Even business-related activities can become unnecessary and busy work. According to a Harvard Business Review report, the average employee spends 28% of the workday reading and responding to emails. How essential are all those emails?

With the emergence of cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence (AI), it is easier than ever to manage meetings emails, organize tasks, projects, and much more. All of this is possible with highly efficient scheduling and project management applications.

This blog post gives some significant factors to consider when choosing the right time management app. Keep reading!

The Best Features A Time Management App Must Have

A time management tool like MiPlaniT is efficient if it helps users achieve their goals and maximize their productivity by enabling them to manage their time and schedule efficiently. The app must simplify managing daily tasks and schedules and let users focus on substantial projects.

With so many time management apps you can find online, choosing one can be a real challenge. To help you out of this dilemma, we have shared a checklist of features as your guide that make an application the best.
An innovative time management application will definitely have:
• A real-time tracking function comparable to a built-in stopwatch.
• Features similar to a project management tool include listing tasks, prioritizing projects, viewing upcoming events and deadlines, and more.
• Automation features to help with task scheduling, like scheduling meetings, sending monthly emails, etc.
• Integration with other valuable options to boost productivity.
• Browser extensions may be available for quick access to core features.
• Compatible with multiple devices and encourages other functionalities like multitasking.
The main characteristics of the ideal time management tool are only briefly mentioned here. In the end, though, it's up to you to decide what suits you and works the best.
The best time management app is ultimately the one that best suits your needs and preferences. It depends on the different variables like your device, price, job size, supporting platforms, integrations, etc. Have a look!

Things To Consider When Choosing An Innovative Time Management App

Work size

One of the main factors to consider when choosing an efficient time management app is your work scope.
For example, independent contractors can make decisions based entirely on what works for them. Since time management is closely related to how they get paid, contractors may prefer an app with billable time and reporting features.

Teams can vary in size, and those differences can have a significant impact. For example, are you a small business with a few team members? If so, you may be operating on a tight budget and need to patch up the best time management strategy you can, using every tool you can find.
Or you may be developing operations management at an enterprise company with a nearly unlimited budget. In that case, you could improve and find a more expensive but adjusted solution for your team.

Devices and platforms

The nature or type of the work being done can significantly impact the choice of devices you or your team use. If your job requires you to spend more time outside the office, a smartphone may be your companion for effective communication.

You will agree that an abundance of time management mobile apps are available on iOS and Android platforms, and one of the best examples is MiPlaniT, which helps you organize your day with proper planning to streamline everyday tasks, whether at home or work. In fact, most mobile devices include a native calendar and stopwatch apps, both of which are valid ways to improve time management. However, MiPlaniT’s calendar feature is simply stunning because you can view all your forthcoming events and deadlines, manage routine tasks more efficiently, and stay ahead of the curve.

Remember that mobile applications can be affected or face problems. Some apps contain limited features compared to other web app counterparts. So, if you can do time management work from the office, choose a tool that works best on a desktop to get access to even more options. MiPlaniT is that app!
Subscription-based cloud services have become the new gold standard for time management apps. However, if you’re looking for an app that can be installed locally on your company network, check availability on Windows and Mac. You can install MiPlaniT on these networks as the best productivity tool for busy professionals.


Small apps like a stopwatch or timer may be fine for simple time tracking. However, the most robust time management apps often offer integrations with other apps. This can be useful when personal time tracking results need to be connected to more significant team management tools. For example, time-scheduling apps integrated with the tracking feature can make event planning and task management a breeze. MiPlaniT is an app that allows you to set goals, track your time, and work seamlessly with your team.
Alternatively, you may decide to connect your time tracking to customer information using CRM software. This can improve workflow around invoicing, emails, and other client tasks.

Features and functionality

So, what are the key features you search for in a perfect time management app?

That’s the main focus of this blog post so we won’t spoil things too quickly here. However, you should look for options like generating reports, time billing, sync with your calendar apps, and having time zone support. Besides, the app should be easy for you and your team members to use efficiently at work. Your time management tool's core features should align with your business's other important tasks.

MiPlaniT is such an app you’re looking for. It’s a supportive digital tool to enhance your productivity at work and get a better handle on your hectic professional life.


You probably recognize your budget, more or less. Limiting how much you can spend on an app depends more on your business nature. Make sure the option you choose to buy an app aligns with what the team can afford based on a monthly or annual cost plan. Most tools offer some of their features for free. MiPlaniT offers some free features and its premium price is so affordable!

Final Thoughts

Do you need to boost your and your team’s productivity at work? MiPlaniT is the best time management mobile application in which you will find all those features we have discussed in this blog. It’s also an effortless event planning app as it takes the stress and hassle out of event and task planning while enabling you to better focus on all your important tasks. The app is available on both the Play Store and App Store. Download it and boost your productivity!