To Do, Work with people who empower you to be yourself

Last week was one of the highlights of what has been a pretty awesome year already! I got to hangout and listen to Jen Grant and one of the very best her team of appify. What a cool product! 🙌

I also loved meeting Gamiel Gran, Chief Commercial Officer of Mayfield a billion dollar VC 👋

Now, other than the fact they were interesting to listen to, interactive and engaging, there was something that struck me that was different. Mayfield has a People First motto and everything they do screams be human, and truly they are. ❤️ Jen, you couldn’t tell she is the CEO of Appify, but previously she has taken multiple companies to over a billion-dollar valuation. Wow! But again, there was something different about her than many other people I have come across.

Reading the article below, her reference to Simon Sinek, Leaders eat Last. I knew she was all about people and culture. I just didn’t know it until I went digging.

Take a read, it’s a really good reminder as to why you want to work with really great people, not just work on good things, you want both. And I should have trusted my gut, when I interviewed once and this one person constantly asked me questions about things he had never delivered before, never even done, yet was the expert who was asking me about what really great things I had done?! Sigh, I have asked a friend if he has delivered anything a year later and I don’t have to tell you the answer.

It’s important to look for a company that doesn’t just allow you to work on really cool things, or not just work with a bunch of people who put slide ware together ALL DAY LONG, or the ones that offer you their right arm, and deliver nothing.

The culture of a company matters, working with fun, caring, empathetic humans who get stuff done and work on cool stuff is where you want to be. It’s where we all deserve to be.

So thanks Jen, thanks Gamiel! A reminder to me that I gave that to my teams and I deserved that too.

My message to everyone who might come across this is this, things aren’t always going to go your way, they maybe haven’t felt like they will ever go your way. But remember this, don’t accept second best, or third.

Really great leaders, empower their teams to do really awesome things and you deserve to wake up every day to be working with people who motivate you to feel passionate about what you bring to the table. I am not saying leave toxic jobs now, but plan to. Get out and value what you bring to the table. The best teams are those who value each other’s strengths and help each other’s weaknesses.

One of best things that ever happened to me is when I found my place.

Each one of us are unique and it’s just a matter of time until you find your place. Just don’t give up!

Be Unique, Be You, Be Extraordinary.. ❤️