Effective as of Feb 8, 2021


MiPlaniT Corporation respects your privacy.


By using MiPlaniT, it automatically assumes you agree that MiPlaniT will be storing the personal information that you supply and store within the application. If any privacy rules change we will notify all active MiPlaniT users.


MiPlaniT Corporation is determined to make sure your experience is pleasurable and safe with respect to privacy. MiPlaniT will do this, knowing that, it could forfeit profit in doing so.

With this, there are certain things MiPlanit stands by:

1) We will not spam your email

2) If you have any questions regarding your privacy policy, please email support@miplanit.com


All the information that you supply MiPlaniT: Login credentials, emails, calendar data, and inputs (in the form of text or images) is done so for nothing more than to help aid in your overall experience using the MiPlaniT application. We view data security and privacy with the utmost importance. And MiPlaniT Corporation prides itself on not compromising your privacy for MiPlaniT Corporation financial benefit.