About Us

Make Every Moment Count

MiPlaniT is an innovative smartphone application designed with the belief that adopting the philosophy of “making every moment count” is essential to maximize productivity and achieve success.

This web-based and mobile application software helps users organize and manage their routine tasks and schedules, whether at work or in their personal lives. The stunning features of the app play a pivotal role in improving productivity levels and making lives more active, making the app an incredible digital tool. This app is a supportive digital tool for all those looking to enhance their productivity and get a better handle on their hectic professional life.

  • Easily Share Lists & To Do’s

    Stay in sync with family and friends by sharing a list with them. Any changes made to a shared list will show up instantly to everyone sharing the list. Assign them, and check them off your to do’s.

  • Quickly Create Organized Shopping Lists

    MiplaniT suggests common items as you type, and automatically groups items by category to help save time at the store. Share them easily so you are always in sync.

  • Daily Task Management

    Easily manage tasks, prioritize projects, and meet deadlines.

  • Calendar Integration

    View upcoming events and deadlines, manage all tasks efficiently, and stay on top of all aspects of your work life.y

  • Collaboration

    Work as a team seamlessly by easily and quickly assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and tracking real-time progress.

Get More Done Every Day Efficiently With MiPlaniT

We understand that tracking tasks and achieving goals can often be overwhelming in today's busy life. We thus created the MiPlaniT app that provides users with user-friendly and powerful tools to make task and/or event management more efficient. This app has been carefully designed to help you easily manage all your tasks and events using the innovative calendar feature and achieve goals. This app will enable you to focus on what matters most.

MiPlaniT makes it easy to create and track tasks with deadlines you want to meet and link them to specific goals you set. You can use the goal-setting feature to set, track, and meet your goals, whether they are personal, professional, or team goals. Its intuitive calendar features let you easily add, remove, and adjust tasks and get reminders for upcoming events or tours. Also, you can track your time by monitoring how much time you spend on tasks and optimizing how much time you spend on each activity.

For teams, MiPlaniT has a collaboration/teamwork feature that facilitates communication and collaboration on your projects. It has a secure system that lets teams securely store and share files while tracking progress and keeping track of tasks. Together, all these features can be made easier and more efficient. With the MiPlaniT app, you will be ready for any challenge!