Why Use MiPlaniT

Manage your hectic schedules efficiently with the intuitive and user-friendly interface of the MiPlanIT app!

Key Benefits Of Using MiPlanIT

If you're overwhelmed with your hectic daily routine with loads of tasks and responsibilities and are struggling to keep track of everything, MiPlanIT will make a difference.

  • Time Tracking & Employee Monitoring

    Track the time, monitor the progress, and see what’s done throughout the day.

  • Productivity Measuring & Summary Reports

    View screenshots of real-time progress and control your subordinates to complete projects on time. Create project summary reports as well.

  • Email Notification

    Get performance alerts straight to manager inboxes via absolutely customizable, trigger-based emails.

Integrated User-Friendly Features

You’ll be easily navigated through the app and enjoy a well-designed, easy-to-use interface helping you understand how the app works right from the start.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Experience a user-friendly interface and make the most of your day by creating a comprehensive schedule.

  • Intuitive Navigation

    Enjoy hassle-free and seamless interaction with your app and use it exactly how you want.

Keep Your Information Safe From Prying Eyes Using Any Device

A cross-platform app that ensures the privacy and security of all information based on strong encryption and secure authentication mechanisms.

  • All Devices

    Track your time using any device, and no need to switch to other operating systems.

  • Private & Secure

    Sophisticated SSL encryption and the latest servers keep all information safe.